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1.more careful than 2.the richest 3.a little earlier

have to save谢谢 望采纳

1. sounds very interesting 2. On the other hand 3. as important as4. in order not to 5. how to be

1.for the first time 2.were invisited 3.shouldn't make 4.

We had better not __keep___ _ourselves____ _from____ problems.

finished reading

填写:come to buy clothes 绝对正确,希望帮到你,祝学习进步

小题1:wife’s 小题2:national小题3:either小题4:choice小题5:leaves小题6:crowded 试题分析:小题1:句意:艾米的手提包和我妻子的一模一样。结合语境及汉语提示,可知填名词所有格wife’s,我妻子的。小题2:句意:每天早晨都有许多人聚集在天安...

小题1:has developed小题2:increases by小题3:decided on小题4:strict with 小题5:much larger 试题分析:小题1:结合语境可知本句描述的是现在已经完成的动作,故用现在完成时态。根据汉语提示可知填has developed,发展。小题2:结合语境可知本...

1. the same as2. is good for3. is friendly/ nice to4. am glad to5. is late6. come from7. turns off8. borrowed; from9. Give me a chance10. lend; to

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