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"Vincent van Gogh was born near Brabant, the son of a minister. In 1869, he got a position at the art dealers, Goupil and Co. in The Hague, through his uncle, and worked with them until he was dismissed from the London office i...

Vincent William VanGhon (Vincent Willem van Gogh, 18531890), Holland post Impressionist painter. He is a pioneer of expressionism, and deeply influenced the art of the twentieth Century, particularly Fauvism and expressionism. ...

国家美术馆 说明: 国家美术馆是英国国家艺术博物馆,位于欧洲艺术馆北侧,馆藏包括从13世纪的宗教美术作品直到雷诺瓦和梵高的近现代作品。较古老的馆藏可从主入口直达;欲欣赏东馆更现代的馆藏的话,从特拉法加广场一楼入口进去最便捷。

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