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一首英文歌,女的唱的 开头好像是JUST 歌词很少 高...

、Just One Lest Dance 最后一支舞 演唱:莎拉.寇娜 2、Love To Be Loved By You 爱着你的爱 演唱:马克.特伦西 3、To Meet Even Know 即使知道要见面 演唱:莎拉 4、How Could I 我怎么能 演唱:马克.安东尼 5、Dem Lao Xao 冬季的雨夜 演唱:...

just one last dance?

Avril Lavigne的Hello Kitty

chiki 谢谢。来分

Anya Shesternina - Running Late (Lyrics by MaxRNB) The other day I cried There's too much stuff on my heart Its funny how people change.. Walk in and out of your life If only I could take you there' I would do it right now Yo...

Katy Perry《Everyday Is A Holiday》

Erik Gronwall - higher 某jelsa的同人视频也是这个bgm2333

Walk Away - Dia Frampton

Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy ?? If I were a boy Even just for a day 试听:

我也在找这首歌,找到了告诉我埃。万分感谢 找到了这首歌。不知道是不是呀 《Just Hold Me》 演唱:Maria Mena 所属专辑:《Apparently Unaffected》 发行时间:2006-07-10 中英对照: Comfortable as I am尽管我是这样的舒适 I need your reass...

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