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“地道”“纯正”的英文:veritable;real;precise ;completely real 读法 英 [riːl] 美 ['riəl] 1、adj. 实际的;真实的;实在的 2、adv. 真正地;确实地 3、n. 现实;实数 短语: 1、real love 真爱 2、real name 真实姓名,真名实姓 ...

There are a lot of unfair educational cases in our life.

含量更高_有道翻译 翻译结果: Higher levels

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姹紫嫣红 [词典] brilliant purples and reds; deep purples and bright reds; beautiful flowers; gaily dressed maidens; [例句]公园里姹紫嫣红,十分绚丽。 With lovely flowers everywhere, the park is a blaze of colour.

“不善表达的” "Not well expressed" “含蓄的” "Implicit"

Strategically we should despise all our enemies, but tactically we should take them all seriously. 在战略上我们要藐视一切敌人, 在战术上我们要重视一切敌人.

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I cannot afford!后面可以加your 什么的都可以比如说 Indulgence (放纵)

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