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His mother allow him to play football. His mother allow him playing football. 希望能帮到您

We are not allowed to talk with each other in class.我们不允许上课时互相交谈。

How could you allow him to do something like that? 你怎么会允许他做那样的事? I can not allow you to do that. 我不许你干那样的事。

Sisteen-year-old should be allowed to drive.

1.Mom allow me to watch TV. 妈妈允许我去看电视。 2.Teacher allow me to speak in the classroom. 老师允许我在教室里说话。 3.Tom allow me to wear the shirt to the party. Tom允许我穿T恤去聚会. 1.I am allowed to get out on the schoo...

My mother allows me to go back home a little bit late

Allowing for the bad weather,he decided to go back home.考虑到天气很差他打算打道回府

先纠正楼上个错:allow sb doing 不是allow sb to do 1.She allowed me playing with her. I was allowed going out. 2.l bear his bad habit. I was bearrd at last. 3.I call at his house by the way. He was called on last night. 4.The st...

I am allowed to study at a friend's house . 我被允许在朋友家学习。

词汇讲解 allow 请读下面的句子,注意allow的用法。 1. You won’t be allowed to watch the movie tonight. 你今晚不会被允许看电影的。 2. We don’t allow smoking in the hall. 我们不允许有人在大厅里抽烟。 【及时归纳】 1. allow 作动词,...

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