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用BrEAk Down造句

1 Their car broke down. 他们的车子出故障了。 2 Talks with business leaders broke down last night 昨晚与商界领导人的谈判破裂了。 3 The report breaks down the results region by region 报告将调查结果按地区分成若干部分。 4 Over tim...

We were late because our car broke down. He broke down when he heard the news. 解释:我们来晚了,因为我们的汽车抛锚了。 解释: 他一听到这个消息就哭了起来。 参考资料 牛津大学出版.英汉双解词典.北京:商务印书馆,2011

In fact, you need to break down coding tasks into succinct pieces of work so that your changes are small. 实际上,需要将编程任务划分成小块,这样修改也会更校

 1.损坏,故障   a sudden failure in operation 2.垮台,破裂   collapse or failure 3.衰竭,衰弱   weakening or collapse of sb's health 4.统计分析   statistical analysis

break out 英 [breik aut] 美 [brek aʊt] vt.& vi. (战争、打斗等不愉快事件)突然发生,爆发;突然发生,爆发;向外砸开 双语例句 He was 29 when war broke out 战争爆发时他才29岁。 The two men broke out of their cells and cut throu...

the machine was broken down这个机器罢工了 the shield is breaking down now这所防线正在崩溃 they broke down that car 他们拆解了那辆车

Physically, the rocks break down into smaller and smaller pieces. 物理上, 这些岩石分解成很多小碎片.

break up: vt. 开垦(破碎,破坏,解散,结束,衰弱) 例句与用法: 1. He was breaking up under the strain. 他劳累过度,身体逐渐衰弱。 2. The Government has broken up the large private estates. 政府把大片的私人地产分割开。 break down: vt....

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