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1.There is a football under the desk. 2.Is the book under the paper? 3.In the big drawer under his desk. 4.Inflation seems to be under control. 5.The darkest place is under the candlestick. 释义: under:prep. 低于,少于;在...之...

below与under 区别一 两者都可表示“低于”,under 主要表示垂直在下的正下方,而 below 则不一定表示正下方(即可以是正下方或非正下方)。如: Look in the cupboard below [under] the sink. 到洗碗池下面的柜子里找一找。 The climbers stopped ...

below 表示在……下面的意思时,指处于比某物低的位置,不一定在某物的正下方.它的反义词是above.例如: Write your name below the line.在线下写上你的名字. We are below the moon.我们在月下. under 表示在……下面的意思时,有时可与below通用,...

there is a cat under the table

She walks under the sun. In order to save money,she usually drinks water for supper. The knife is used to cut something. Don't give up hope when you have trouble. She washes up all the dirty things at her home. Mr Smith called ...

Are the toys under the table? 这些玩具在桌子下吗? The toys are under the table. 这些玩具在桌子下面。 一个问句,一个肯定句。两种都可以。

Under 在…下面They are playing under the tree 他们正在树下玩耍 On 在…上面I am strong on the surface 我表面上很坚强


under my control 翻译 在我控制下; [例句]No matter how hard you try you're under my control. 不管你怎么闹,你还是在我的控制之下。

He crammed as much candy under his pockets as they would hold.

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