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有首英文歌,里面有woulD you sAvE my soul 是什么...

歌曲名:Save My Soul 歌手:John Scofield 专辑:Piety Street Renegade Five - Save My Soul I know it all As I'm walkin down your roads, I feel your soul sorounding me, I am here to keep your heart alive, We can make each other warm ...

level-shattered 听歌识曲不谢

妄想 曲:BEYOND四子 词:黄家驹 这个忧郁晚上 魔鬼於黑暗中 伴着我看世界 给我千个妄想 **多麽痛楚 多麽痛快 欲望快接近我 我要我冷傲 我要你所爱 我要这世上一切幻觉 我要我愤怒 我要你所爱 富有与美丽一切尽接受(GIVE ME) 一切舜间变旧 恍惚... 望采纳

Hey Soul Sister - Train Hey, hey,hey 嘿,嘿,嘿~~ Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains 你的唇印深深的印在了我左半脑的额叶上 I knew I wouldn't forget you, 我知道我永远都不会忘记你, and so I went and le...

Save Me 演唱者:Queen(皇后乐队) 所属专辑:The Game Queen - Save me It started off so well They said we made a perfect pair I clothed myself in your glory and your love How I loved you How I cried The years of care and loyalty Wer...


早晨你门楣\保佑我,你hokiness \拯救我的灵魂,你的纯洁

Teach me laugh,save my soul 直译:教会我大笑,拯救我的精神 让我笑起来,拯救我的精神(精神快乐起来)

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