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预祝会议成功 英文

I hope sincerely that the conference will be held successfully!

a great success.


您好! 在此,我预祝研讨会圆满成功!祝愿来自海外和全国各地的朋友们在上海生活愉快 翻译为:Here, I wish the symposium a complete success! I wish my friends from overseas and across the country a happy life in Shanghai 采纳我吧,谢...

1.We Wish the meeting a complete success. 2. When will that meeting be held? When will it be closed? 3.That meeting closed twelve days ago. 4. The conference was held last Wednesday/ was closed last Wednesday. 5. How long ago w...


1。Wish the satisfactory success of conference! 2。(原文参考)I want to wish you all a very fruitful and successful meeting, and thank again the Translators Association of China for their warm welcome and exquisite hospitalit...

祝大会圆满成功。 祝大会达到预期目的。 祝大会各项议题得到全票通过。 祝会议开成一个团结的大会,胜利的大会。 祝大会顺利召开。 祝与会代表凯旋而归。 祝莅临大会的各位代表返程一路顺风。

I on behalf of the Chinese government and people, extend a warm welcome to guests And I wish the conference a complete success

【区别】【在接从句的时候】 hope 一般是指一种比较好的希望,一般与过去、现在、未来有关。 I hope you weren't late. 我希望你没有迟到. I hope you're ready. 我希望你已经准备好了. We hope you'll be very happy. 我们希望你非常幸福. 而wi...

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