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翻译:January 2, 2018 用英语表达年月日的顺序(两种): ① 月日年 例:2002年1月17日 写作:January 17(th), 2002或January seventeenth,2002(日和年之间需用逗号隔开) 读作:January the seventeenth, two thousand and two ②日月年 例:20...

18th, January January 18th

1 On January 1st(念起来是January the first) 2 On February 2nd1st(念起来是February the second)3 My birthday is March 3rd.= I was born on March 3rd.1st(念起来是March the third) 4 Your birthday is October 9th.= You are born on Oc...

英语一至十二月分别为:一月January;二月February;三月March;四月April;五月 May;六月June;七月July;八月August;九月September;十月October;十一月November;十二月December。 一、January 英 [ˈdʒænjuəri] 美 [&...

“2013年1月2号这天.我们在一起已经520天了、我将永远记得这个值得我铭记的日子1" On January 2, 2013. We have been together for 520 days, and I will always remember this day worthy of my mind! "

Our company will be closed and stop delivery during the spring festival from Jan 28th to Feb 10th.

at six o'clock in the morning of June 2nd at five twenty Friday afternoon 以上两句来说, 不用加 on 其实只要简单记著: in the morning/ afternoon / evening on Sunday/ Monday / + morning / afternoon / evening

in January on January 2rd on April 12th on Monday at 8 o'clock this morning in December in October twelve months year my father's birthday party

我们公司的春节假期时间是1月27日到2月14日,2月15日正常工作,谢谢! Please note that our company's Spring Festival vacation is between Jan, 27 to Feb, 14 and will be resuming as of Feb 15. Thank you. 日期根据对方是欧洲公司还是美...

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