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The two countries broke off diplomatic relations with each other a year ago. ====end relations Let's break off for 15 minutes === take a 15-minute rest

break into 闯入 1.The thieves planned to break into a bank. 行窃者计划洗劫银行。 2.Social duties break into my time. 社交应酬占据了我的时间。 3The sunlight will break into different colors through a prism. 阳光穿过棱镜时将分解...

In fact, you need to break down coding tasks into succinct pieces of work so that your changes are small. 实际上,需要将编程任务划分成小块,这样修改也会更校

Working for four hours at a stretch really makes me tired. Why can`t we have abreak like many other companies? 连续工作四小时确实令人疲劳.为什么我们不能象其他工司那样可以休息一下呢? 2. Working for four hours at a stretch really...

He don't break fishbow

1 Their car broke down. 他们的车子出故障了。 2 Talks with business leaders broke down last night 昨晚与商界领导人的谈判破裂了。 3 The report breaks down the results region by region 报告将调查结果按地区分成若干部分。 4 Over tim...

If you think you are right,you should continue to do it!

I was in a nightclub in Brixton and a fight broke out. 当时我在布里克斯顿的一家夜总会里,那里发生了一场斗殴。

1. The candidate countries, eager to break from the past and join a group many link with stability and prosperity, are already upset by perceived delays. 这些候选国家急于从过去的生活中寻求突破并加入一个许多国家几乎把安定及繁荣...

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