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1 Their car broke down. 他们的车子出故障了。 2 Talks with business leaders broke down last night 昨晚与商界领导人的谈判破裂了。 3 The report breaks down the results region by region 报告将调查结果按地区分成若干部分。 4 Over tim...

break into 闯入 1.The thieves planned to break into a bank. 行窃者计划洗劫银行。 2.Social duties break into my time. 社交应酬占据了我的时间。 3The sunlight will break into different colors through a prism. 阳光穿过棱镜时将分解...

Working for four hours at a stretch really makes me tired. Why can`t we have abreak like many other companies? 连续工作四小时确实令人疲劳.为什么我们不能象其他工司那样可以休息一下呢? 2. Working for four hours at a stretch really...

by his left thumb, care about the finer shades of analysis

I was in a nightclub in Brixton and a fight broke out. 当时我在布里克斯顿的一家夜总会里,那里发生了一场斗殴。

We were late because our car broke down. He broke down when he heard the news. 解释:我们来晚了,因为我们的汽车抛锚了。 解释: 他一听到这个消息就哭了起来。 参考资料 牛津大学出版.英汉双解词典.北京:商务印书馆,2011

 1.损坏,故障   a sudden failure in operation 2.垮台,破裂   collapse or failure 3.衰竭,衰弱   weakening or collapse of sb's health 4.统计分析   statistical analysis

You can't break away from her.

我和你吵了一架 I had a fight with you. 我和你吵了一架 I had a fight with you.

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