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有 We choosed him to be our monitor. He was chosen to be our monitor.

choose to do sth.选择做某事 ;甘愿做某事;宁愿做某事 There is very little to do between....(或者nothing to choose between) 不分上下(高低);好坏相当;伯仲之间 pick and choose 挑三拣四;挑肥拣瘦 choose/pick from 从......选择 顺便...

Tom was chosen to be our monitor by us

The white one will be chosen by them.


choice to do sth 选择做某事,be choiced to do sth被动。一个是主动一个是被动

第一句话可理解为两种意思: choose作被动,“他是最佳人驯 choose作主动,“他最适合做这个选择” 而第二句话只能理解为一种意思,因为...

两种都可以的,至少对于美语,呵 There are so many books to be chosen from in the bookshop. 或 There are so many books to chose from in the bookshop.

These books are for you____ A, to choose B, to choose out C, to choose from 求语法详细分析 尤其是不定式主被动问题麻烦配合例句讲解 答: ...

Four boys were chosen by the teacher to take part in the sports meeting last summer. Jack was told to stay in the train for two more hours yesterday.

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