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tickle KK: [] DJ: [] vt. 1. 呵...痒;使发痒 He tickled the baby's feet and made her laugh. 他搔婴儿的脚,把她逗笑了。 2. 逗...笑;使快乐 The clown tickled the audience with his funny actions. 小丑用滑稽动作逗观众发笑。 3. 【口】触...

Peaches refuses to tell Chloe the information she wants to know, so Chloe tries to tickle it out of her! She holds her feet and runs her long ...

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Finding your feet 译为: 适应新环境 ...

foot 的复数是不规则变化,复数为: feet, 跟 child-children, man-men, woman-women 等不规则变化一样,记忆就ok 了

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