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gEt onE's stArt 什么意思


get one's start howl with laughter 使某人开始嚎叫大笑 对你有帮助的话,请及时采纳喔!

get one's start doing sth有开始做某事的意思。 例句: So, Pippa, when you get to start doing sth about your life? 其实,只要你想,你什么时候都能开始你的新生活。 I think it would've taken me a lot more to get out and start doing ...

准备开始 get started 表示准备好 let's get started让我们开始吧

won't get anything he wants他就不会有任何收获Play like the top one ...我很高兴知道这部落属于我的Let's start a riot tonight今晚就让我们放纵一下a...

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