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gooD DAy to DiE 翻译

哈哈把分给我吧 我这个最正点了 下面奉上 前面[]里的是歌词绣之类的时间轴 直接粘到记事本里保存成LRC 播放器就能用了 [00:00.00]It's A Good Day To Die [00:01.82]Courage! Duty! Honor! [00:05.67]We call upon our troopers [00:07.90]In th...

疯马 在1876年的小巨角之战中,印第安人的苏族领袖“疯马”曾经说过一句 "Hóka-héy, today is a good day to die!" 科普一刻 小巨角河战役(Battle of Little Big Horn),又译作小大角战役。发生在1876年6月25日的蒙大拿州小比格霍河附近,美军和...

疯马😊在1876年的小巨角之战中,印第安人的苏族领袖“疯马”曾经说过一句"Hóka-héy, today is a good day to die!"

Courage! Duty! Honor! We call upon our troopers, in this our darkest hour, our way of life is what we're fighting for. The flag that flies above us, inspire us each day to give our very best and every way. It's a good day to di...

歌曲情况:《星河舰队3-掠夺者》片尾曲歌曲:It's a good day to die 歌手:SkyMarshal Omar Anoke 歌曲和视频音乐是一个版本的,如果需要的可以给你发

歌名。(今天)是去死的好日子 歌词: The general rode for sixteen days The horses were thirsty and tired On the trail of a renegade chief One he'd come to admire The soldiers hid behind the hills That surrounded the village And he...



it s a good day to die 以及翻译 勇气!责任!荣誉!/Courage! Duty! Honor! 我们召唤联邦军队/We call upon our troopers 在...高清完整版下载地址:

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