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help from 从……得到帮助 She didn't want for help from her friends.: 她从未感到在需要时没有朋友帮忙. help for不是短语,意思为需要帮助去干什么 例句:I just need your help. What do you need my help for? 我需要你帮助,你想拿它干什么?

help for:是对什么有帮助 help with:帮助(某人)做......,或是用......来帮助:help sb with sth 。。。所以不可以是with

be help for有助于,be help in 在帮助

指令窗中的 help 指令 直接使用 help 获得指令的使用说明。 使用 help 指令进行分类搜索。 运行不带任何限定的 help ,可以得到分类名称明细表。 采用 help topic 指令形式获得具体子类的指令明细。 指令窗中的 lookfor 指令 查找包含积分这个关...

您好,领学网为您解答: help for 意思是帮助, 例:The system is directed at providing help for old people. 这项制度旨在为老人提供帮助 helps n. 助手( help的名词复数 );补救办法;有用 v. 帮助( help的第三人称单数 );有助于,有利于;治...

Today in China, many families have only one child. So the children usually doted upon by all family members. Gradually some of them get used to depending on their parents and family members, as a result they lack the ability to...

举个例子求1+2+3+4+5 sum=0; for i=1:5 sum=sum+i; end

Help for the helper 助人者被人助 At age eighteen,I left my home in Brooklyn,New York,and went off to study history at Leeds University in Yorkshire,England.It was an exciting but stressful time in my life,for while trying to ad...

help for sb 帮助某人 help for sb 帮助某人

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