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it's+ADj+to Do sth 造句.

It's difficult to learn English well

It's fun to play football with friends. It's funny to read comic books. It's boring to do homework all day. It's good to wake up early. It's bad to stay up late. It's important to read the news every day. It's cold to make snow...

It's too difficult for me to do the maths homework.

It's useful to learn a foreign language.

It's important for us to protect our environment. It's important for him to learn English well.

It's necessary for us to have healthy eating habits.拥有健康的饮食习惯对我们来说很必要 It's important for us to protect the environment.保护环境对我们来说很重要

it is interesting to play pingpong

一般情况是:不定式和动名词都可以在句中作主语,但下面一些词的后面一般用doing,如hopeless,useless,no use,no good等等。大多还是用to do作主语。 It is + no use,no good (fun,a great pleasure,a waste of time,a bore等名词)+doing sth. ...

按道理来说 一般+to do的形容词比较多 大多都是做什么很怎么样的意思 但有一些少数固定搭配的后面+doing It is no use doing sth. It is a waste of time doing sth. It is useless doing sth. It is no good doing sth. 不过像nice 两种都可 it...

让它(修饰it的形容词)去做这件事 注意adj是用来修饰it而不是sth,比如让它高兴地去做这件事

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