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Where does helen make dolls?

一、make用作及物动词,在主动语态中的含义主要有: 1.做;制作;制造.如: Can you make any mooncakes?你会做些月饼吗? ◆make后可跟双宾语,间接宾语后移时一般用for引导.如: My uncle will make me a kite. = My uncle will make a kite for m...

And I can make you every promise that has ever been made, And I can make all your demons be gone. But I'm never gonna make it without you, Do...

make sb. do sth.让某人做某事 主动 sb. be made to do sth. 某人被让做某事 被动

however, taking the astonished Sylvia by the hand, glided into her mistress’s cabin with a scornful laugh, and shut the door behind her

“homemade”的意思是: 自制的;国产的;像家里做的。 homemade,读音:英 ['həʊm'meɪd] 美 ['hom'med] 短语 homemade rockets 自制火箭 ; 土制飞弹 homemade firearms 土制枪械 homemade dividend 自制股利 Homemade waffles 自...

homemade food 自制的食物 双语对照 例句: 1. "The idea is to deliver elegant homemade food in a restaurant," he said. 2. Greeks are not homemade food only because they are not from Africa, like the mosquitoes.


hand made是手工的意思 homemade是家庭制作的意思


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