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可以尝试强制刷机。 第一步,电脑安装线刷宝。 第二步,手机打开电源,连接电脑。 第三步,打开线刷宝搜索对应手机的刷机包。 第四步,打开线刷宝上面的,一键救砖。倒入刷机包选择,刷机就可以了。

自己试了,卡也清掉了。。 查看原帖>>

初学Android,发现模拟器上有不少限制,譬如标题中的存储限制,无论用ADT Manager如何设置,内部存储空间不会变大。 经过上网搜索解决办法,中文相关的文章虽多,但可以用方法甚少(对了,我用的Eclipse ADT,版本22,Android4.4 API 19,据说An...

Don’t Have Enough Free Space to Upgrade iOS 8 ios 8 space “The iOS 8 update requires near 5 GB storage depending on your device model. How to ...

Note that the internal storage type of ENUM and SET changed intables created with >= InnoDB-4.1.12, and such columns in old tablescannot be referenced...


Pyramid is the storage of "Pharaoh" mummy's ...General large pyramid built in the Old Kingdom 3...Its internal structure is complex and changeable,...

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