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on thEsE DAys还是in thEsE DAys

使用in these days,thesedays本身就是副词,可以直接做时间状语,不需要再加上in,而分开的these days如果不加in,只是一个名词短语,加上in才表示时间。 而on 表示具体某一天,用on , 比如:on Monday on Friday afternoon ,ect.

thesedays本身就是副词,可以直接做时间状语,不需要再加上in,而分开的these days如果不加in,只是一个名词短语,加上in才表示时间。

您看看是下面这套题吗?我们可难以做奥鹏各高校在线、离线作业。 中国医科大学《大学英语1》在线作业 的参考答案: 一、单选题 1、C2、C3、B4...

Stay alive There's a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade Leaves you empty with nothing but ...

不可以 先行词these days在定语从句中作时间状语 不可以用关系代词that 如果满意,请采纳~ 谢谢!

填sale on sale在售 The clothes in the store are on_sale__( 卖)these days

小题1:Five.小题2:No(, they didn’t).小题3:He crawled back to the camp.小题4:He cut off half his right arm (with a small knife) and bandaged himself (in order not to lose too much blood).小题5:Because he wanted to tell the reade...


These days, it seems as if half the books in bookstores have the word "best seller" or some variant on the cover or the flap copy, as in "the best-selling author of ..." But what does that mean? About as much as the phrase "ori...


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