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没有区别,两种说法都可以。在新闻报道中,常常省略时间短语前的介词,比如this week前的in被省略,这叫新闻笔法。

1.2个现在分词做状语 2.现在分词后置定语与不定式后制定与 3.一半同位语是不能省的,但口语中可以通过稍微一停顿,大家都明白

(in) this week 在这周 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

这里的 on 不是加在 week 之前,而是与later 一起的一种非常常见于口语中的说法。 later on = 就是 later 的意思。

1.I have a new deskmate this new term. His name is Zhang Gao, male.He is 1.8 metres in height. He looks like a sportsman for sun-tanned skin.Strongly-buih body and well-developed figure make him quite healthy.There is a pair o...

答案是D 这周用现在时 Brown第三人用 Does

在this, that, next, last, every, yesterday, tomorrow等构成的时间状语前不加任何介词。 (last year, this month, next week, last Saturday, every day, yesterday afternoon, tomorrow morning/evening) 而 the weekend 前要加 at/on 祝学...

都可以。不加介词多用于口语。 书面表达的话加介词比较正式。 at the/this weekend on this weekend 都可以,on 用的比较多 at weekend 泛指每一个周末; at the weekend特指某一个周末。

Both my parents like the house_____windows are all to the south A:what B:which C:/ D:whose D

what am i doing to do on this weeking 这个周末我准备做什么呢 因主语是I 所以系动词要用am 主语与系动词对应如下: I am you/they are he/she/it is

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