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silk cocoon 蚕茧;绢蚕;桑蚕茧 例句筛选 1. Test Technique and Equipment for Silk Cocoon Quality 蚕茧质量测试技术与设备 2. Research on the Non-destructive Test Method for Silk Cocoon 蚕茧质量无损检测方法的研究

Silkworm moth larvae before becoming the cocoon to protect themselves, each cocoon is a continuous-meter-long silk 2000-4000. From cocoon to silk cocoons...

The story of silk is a funny one.About 4,000 years ago the Chinese discovered the secret of the cocoon.No one knows exactly how or when this important discovery was made.One story says that a young princess was drinking tea in ...

them and then transferred to filature.The local silk company or related enterprises were responsible for the operation and management of the cocoon station....

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