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-----there------some people to the meeting tomorrow? a.Is;be b.Will;be c.Will;is d.Is;going to 正确答案:b.Will;be 这是一个将来时态的句子,应用will加动词原形be;因为只有there be表示“有”,所以其他答案都不能够选择。

你个白痴。丢HW的脸。。。。 不是有more就要有than了的。 但是这里明显就是比较用法。 as的像。是同级的。自己翻译一遍就知道不通!会有像今天更多的人到餐厅来吃饭。这明显不通。。。

有,表语从句没有引导词,death是名词,hope不及物 告诉我你想表达的汉语



答案D “我们希望有尽可能多的人能和我们去野餐.”can意为“能,能够”. 查看原帖>>


It is the music of a people人民不愿再做奴隶Who will not be slaves ...When tomorrow comes!走向新生!Will you join in our crusade?请加入,我们的...

life is easy and life is difficult. which is right ?The answer may be dfferent. but i will tell you that you must believe in yourselves whether it is easy or hard for you, because i believe tomorrow will be better and i will be...

Do you hear the people sing?你是否听到人民的歌声 Singing a song of angry...回肠 There is a life about to start 民之企盼,历历在望 When tomorrow ...

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