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verify v. to make sure that a fact or statement is true 证实;核实(某事物) testify v.testified,testifying to make a solemn statement about what is true 作证;证实

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选substantiate verify 意思是to prove the truth of by presentation of evidence or testimony; substantiate. 即通过证据,证词等证明。。是事实,和substantiate意义有重合的地方 confirm指“用事实或证据来进一步证实或证明...是真实的”, ...

证实;确定[+(that)][+wh-] His letter confirmed everything. 他的信证实了一切。 坚定;加强 The latest developments confirmed me in my belief. 最新的发展使我坚信我的信仰。 批准,确认 The queen confirmed the treaty. 女王批准了此项条约...

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