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to do 等待某人做某事 没有doing的说法

can't wait to do sth. 迫不及待想做某事 双语例句 1. The boy can't wait to watch TV. can't wait to do sth. 等不及做某事 这个男孩等不及要看电视。 2. I just can't wait to do it again now. All my family's coming down to Wycombe so I...

can not wait to do 例如 I can't wait to hear the news. 我迫不及待地想听到这个消息。


是can't wait to do sth,没有can't wait doing sth这种用法。 can't wait to do sth表示的是等不及做某事,迫不及待做某事。 类似can't wait doing sth用法的只有can't help doing sth,该句式表示的意思是情不自禁做某事,不可避免做某事。 例...

wait to do sth. 等着去做某事 wait for sth. 等待着,期待着什么

wait to do sth 等待做某事 wait for sb/sth 等待某人/物 wait for(one's) doing 等待做某事 can't wait to do sth 迫不及待某做事 例如: He is waiting to be called outside the interview room. ——Who are you waiting for? ——I am waiting...

wait后接表示所等的人、物的名词或代词时,应与介词for连用。 wait sb to do sth严格来说是不正确的用法

can't wait to do sth. [释义] 迫不及待做某事; [例句]They can't wait to see you. 他们迫不急的想见你。

can't wait to do sth是等不及做某事,迫不及待做某事没有can't wait doing sth.这种用法,只有can't help doing sth can't help doing sth表情不自禁做某事,不可避免做某事

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