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At 2:28 on the afternoon of May 12th 2008,when I was having lessons at school,I'm awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe 8.0 earthquake hit Wenchuan area,in Sichuan,China unexpectly.Many houses and schools were destro...

译成英文吗? On May twelfth, astoundment's day, deplore greatly of a day, a day of fearfulness.Bright and beautiful in the sunlight, bright of this day, the creations are all diligently growing, is the beauty of home but grow;P...

分太少了,字数太多了,我帮你写一写吧,你再润色一下。 what have you learned from the sichuan earthquake last year? In the last year,there were several big things happened in china,the most important one was the earthquake happen...

C 考查情态动词的用法。句意为:温家宝总理告诉汶川地震中的孤儿们不要哭。他的话也许不会让孤儿们马上平静下来,但是总理对普通百姓的关注是显而易见的。may not表示“可能不”,符合语境。知识拓展 “情态动词+have done”是近年来高考英语试题反...

The Wenchuan earthquake has passed for three years, but it will exists in people's memory forever

B 看with最前面的人称选择单复数,因此mary是第三人称单数 由于后面的happend,所以是过去式 综上,选b

nothing we do is the best help

C 试题分析:句意:。有人告知我,2008年5月12日下午汶川发生了地震。在某一日的上下午或晚上用介词on,take place = happen发生,这两个词都没有被动语态,2008是过去时间,所以选C。

A 本题的含义是在汶川地震灾区人们现在的生活比我们期盼的还要好,expect表示期盼的含义,与本题相符,故本题选A。

李月,一个12岁的残疾女孩,她是汶川地震中的一个受伤者,为了实现自己的梦想正努力的联系着舞蹈! hard 和to不是一起翻译。应该是practise dancing hard 和 to make her dream come true

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