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At 2:28 on the afternoon of May 12th 2008,when I was having lessons at school,I'm awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe 8.0 earthquake hit Wenchuan area,in Sichuan,China unexpectly.Many houses and schools were destro...


译成英文吗? On May twelfth, astoundment's day, deplore greatly of a day, a day of fearfulness.Bright and beautiful in the sunlight, bright of this day, the creations are all diligently growing, is the beauty of home but grow;P...

The Wenchuan earthquake has passed for three years, but it will exists in people's memory forever


A 本题的含义是在汶川地震灾区人们现在的生活比我们期盼的还要好,expect表示期盼的含义,与本题相符,故本题选A。

We (are)(sorry)for the earthquake in Sichuan. 很高兴为你解答,祝你学习进步>数学辅导团】为你解答~~ 如果你认可我的回答,请点击下面的【选为满意回答】按钮,谢谢~~ 如果还有其它问题,请另外向我求助,竭诚为你解答~~ O(∩_∩)O~~


汶川地震 WenChuan earthquake更多释义>> [网络短语] 汶川地震 Wenchuan Earthquake;Earthquake;Sichuan Earthquake 汶川地震科学钻探 WFSD 汶川地震伤员 Wounded in Wenchuan Earthquake

① 2008年5月12日,中国四川省发生强烈地震。②管道破裂,电力和通讯被切断,建筑物被毁,很多人死亡或受伤。③听到消息后,全国都被这次灾难震惊了。④死亡的人被埋葬,困在建筑物下面的人被挖了出来,并转移到设在安全地方的避难所里。⑤在各方面...

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