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wipED AwAy是什么意思

wiped away的中文翻译 wiped away 抹去 双语例句 1 In one fell swoop the bank wiped away the tentative benefits of this policy. 银行一下子就抹杀了这项政策暂时带来的好处。 2 She wiped away her tears and pretended to smile-A new lif...

wipe vt.擦,擦去 如:①Please wipe the table .请擦去桌子上的灰尘。 其基本用法: 1、wipe out 擦去、擦干净;破坏、彻底毁掉 如:②Please wipe the bottles out before you return them. 归还瓶子前请将她们擦干净 ③Half of the population w...

B 试题分析:A. thus因此,B. otherwise否则,C. therefore因此,D. later后来,句意:泉水的守护者清除了树叶和树枝,挖掉了如果不去掉就会堵塞污染清澈的水流的淤泥。这里用otherwise相当于if it hadn’t been wiped away,所以选B。

look out (for) 小心 watch out (for) 小心 wear(sb)out 使疲劳;劳累 leave out 省去;遗漏;忽略 work out(well) 很成功;结果是好的 turn out ...

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