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wipED AwAy是什么意思

wiped away的中文翻译 wiped away 抹去 双语例句 1 In one fell swoop the bank wiped away the tentative benefits of this policy. 银行一下子就抹杀了这项政策暂时带来的好处。 2 She wiped away her tears and pretended to smile-A new lif...

wiped off 清除,除去的意思。 这句意思为:这些故障都被彻底清除了。

再多的伤害我都不在乎。擦干眼泪说道,你自己,不准哭。 求采纳

put on: [ .put'ɔn ] 穿上 vt. 穿上,戴上 例句与用法: 1. He put on a thick sweater since it was cold in the morning. 早晨很...

我一点也不在乎 ARIVIL Every time you go away (每次你离开我身边) It actually kinda makes my day (其实我感到轻松无比) Every time you leave...

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