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work onE's wAy through什么意思

自始自终的做。work one's way through:to do sth from beginning to end,eapecially when it takes a lot of time or effect 。 自始至终做(尤指耗费时间和或力量的事)。 deal with a large of thing 处理大量的事。 例:She worked her way...



work one's way through school的中文翻译 work one's way through school 靠做工挣钱完成学业

work one's way through college 通过大学工作 例句 1、Can't one build a shed for flowers that one grows, as a way to relieve mental pressure after a day's hard work? 一个人长大后,能为花搭建一个棚,作为一种缓解精神压力的方法,经...

pay one's way through school 凭自己赚钱完成学业,半工半读; [例句]I faked my way through grad school , remember ? 我就是这样混到毕业的记得吗?

fight one's way的意思有: ⒈奋斗前进; ⒉艰苦奋斗; ⒊打出道路; ⒋打开一条道路。 与fight one's way相关的短语有: fight one's way 奋斗前进 fight one's way through 打出去 fight one's way back 打回 to fight one's way out 打出去 fight...

make one's way 1.=go forward with difficulty艰难地向前走*As soon as he saw us, Henry made his way through the crowd to greet us personally.亨利一看见我们就从人群中挤过来,亲自迎接我们。*In the evening we made our way to the ...

way:道路 work……through:贯穿于……做下去 采纳哦

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