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最开始的啊brown eyed girs - abracadabra其实旁边就有全部视频信息rudenko - everybody kraftwerk - tour de france 2ne1 - fire brown eyed girs - abracadabra black eyed peas - boom boom...

define __ym2 datetime year to month;let __ym1 = ''||today;let __ym2 = current year to month;if __ym1 = replace(__ym2,'-','') then ...

1.stereo Heart 2.Written in the stars 3.Just the dream 4.Got 2 Luv U 5.Sterrenstof 6.What's my name 7.tonight tonight 8.Just can't get enough 9.Rolling in the Deep 10.We R Who We R 11.Don't wanna go home 12.Firework 13.Welcome ...

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